Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The whole world wants to have sex with a cartoon.

Woe, woe the poor child who searches for his favourite cartoons with the sex blockers off. What can pop up could really scar a kid for life.
I mean you can find any cartoon you can name, any character, and somewhere on the information superhighway, there will be a picture of one having sex with another. It can chill you to the bone. The whole world seems to wants to have sex with a cartoon. And I don't just mean hentai, in fact hentai and anime aren't really my complaint. Hentai is designed to titillate, it is the authors intentions. But when some hack artist, decides to use his either mediocre, or sometimes brilliant art skills, and turn out a cel fuck-fest. I mean Babs and Buster of Tiny Toons going at it like well...rabbits, I am talking spongbob and patrick fucking like flounders, I am talking Mr.Jetson getting head from Mrs. Jetson. I am saying Disney porn and Simpsons Sex. If you want it, you'll find it. Trekkie Monster is right, the Internet IS for porn. Everything else, is just filler.

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