Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hating My WP But Not Hating Woman

This is to explain to anyone who had trouble with the last post, for one thing my word processor does recognize the word "antisemitism" as a word. I should have just looked it up on google, but alas, I felt assured it would recognize this vile word. You see, I am not so goods at the spellings, (and not so good at the grammar either) As a favor to you, my loyal fans. I write this on a word processor program, a free one by the name of "Jarte". Now as far as a free program goes, this is really good. But alas it still has its failings. That's why if you stumbled across this page and wondered what "anti-scientism" was. Now I have been doing some research and it turns out this "scum Manifesto" has been used as an excuse for some rather nasty (understatement your name is Earthling) Antifeminist diatribes as en "example" of the "evil" of feminism. ( Man, my quote fingers are getting sore, two of which are my typing fingers, OH NO!)
Now I was born in 1986. The main thrust of the feminist revolution was over. So I grew up considering thinking misogyny was a great evil. This is the world I grew up in. If I have offended any feminists with my words, then I am sorry, but it was my gut reaction, and I stand on it, (My gut that is, seriously I was nearly blowing chunks after reading the Manifesto) I do think people who hold positions close to what she had to say are wrong. But I still hope we can talk like grownups. Because, I still somehow, cherish in my heart the hope that I can talk to anyone about anything, and not get angry be objective and all that. This woman, dead in her grave, is someone you can't talk to. But I hope I can with others.

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