Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Belly Dancing: Just for the ladies?

One thing I have been trying to do lately is stretch my boundaries, basically up till now I mostly limited myself to trying 'weird' foods. Cuttlefish flavoured rice puffs, anyone? Really, in a weird kind of way, they are rather addictive. More on that LATER. Anyway, I decided to take a plunge, I was going to take a belly dancing class. Now I am not sure about the rest of the world, but in Canada, were belly-dancing is just really starting, its almost exclusively a womanish thing. But I heard its a great way to work out your abs, and burn them calories. Both areas I could use quite a bit of work on. So sign me up Scotty, beam me WAY outside my comfort zone! I enquired of such classes, and it turned out there WAS such a class, in the cowichan valley! I was getting excited, I started really wanting to join. Look out boundaries and perception Here I COME!
Then disaster, they wouldn't take me. I tried sending e-mails, talking to coworkers who also were who might know some extra details. Nothing. This totaly, absolutely SUCKED DONKEY DONG! What was WRONG WITH ME, IS IT JUST BECAUSE I AM A GUY?! I mean, WOMAN are supposed to be 'empowered and do whatever they want, in defiance of antiquated GENDER ROLES, while we guys are STUCK IN THE STONE AGES!!! @#$%^$&$&*$@^(^$@@#$!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Kiwi vs. Redenbacher

There seems to be two approaches to 3d animation these days.Redenbacher back from the grave is a CREPPY video of a dead man brought to life with the voodoo of CGI. What's creepy is its ALMOST convincing. Uncanny Valley and all that. Deeply disturbing stuff, and yet they keep trying, trying to make a cgi that feels completely human. Maybe they will get it soon, but as you can see, the cusp is worse then almost. On the other hand, we have .Kiwi, a delightful short that has more true honest heart then that bloated voxel corpse could ever have. More heart then most Hollywood movies I've seen. To quote Vegi-Tales, "I laughed, I cried. It moved me Bob." Its a great film, if this guy doesn't get a great career in CGI, something is truly wrong with the world. Far less manhours went into this, and yet it has far more genus. Its beauty and truth reach deep into my soul, and well, he flew. He flew. That's all you can really say. He, FLEW.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I aint your wife Buddy!

I posted the address for this delightful piece of work nobody reads on a forum I am part of, when this guy posted something odd in the topic. He shall remain nameless, but for some odd reason he posted (at least I assume he is a he, never know in Canada now)"How do you know my wife, and when did she start this blog?" It reminds me of the time I was mistaken on elfwood for the guy who did some famous Jaws ripoff movie. They were all gushing on how they were amazed to talk to me and how they didn't know I did fantasy and all that. Who knew ubber-crappy directors had fans. I don't mean MST3k type fans, I mean fanboy type fans. It was weird let me tell you. I debated telling them, but my conscience beat my dark side at arm wrestling so I did the right thing and set him strait. So anyway I am waiting to hear a reply so lets hope this clears up nicely.

Monday, August 6, 2007

How I got my exercise for the day

5 words, 100, worst,p***,movie titles. Look it up at this off the wall site
I indulged my inner 12 year old, and decided to look this up and believe it or not it was what I wanted to find. Oh god this site is funny, I was laughing the whole freaking time.In fact I got slightly told off for laughing so hard by my landlady. Man it was SO FUNNY! I love "worst of " sites, but this one is well I think one of the funniest.I think I burned about 40 extra calories, dang it was so funny. enjoy

So I lied...

All right this time we are NOT talking about grin factor. We are talking about a song that speaks deep into my soul. "Fare thee well" by Mary Chapin Carpenter. This song is like a brave grin in the wind of fate, wishing things were differant but defiantly standing firm.Will her love come back, we don't know, what we do know is that she will wait...

Grin Factor

Grin factor (to me) is when you listen to music or watch a movie and something about it just makes you grin for so long and so hard that your cheeks start to hurt. Its when it "Kicks Ass" for you. Case in point, again for me, not sure what the rest of you think, but 'hell march' for Red Alert. I would start the game just for that song, grinning like I'm on joker gas tapping my foot, head banging to this piece. it just kicks ass, it has Grin Factor. Movie that did it for me? " Mystery Men" that movie is Fun with a way big capital "S" and so is its song.(You know the Smashmouth one, also on Shrek) It's when you love it because you love it, Its got Grin Factor!

Street Fighter:The MOVIE. Damn Cheesy Fun

This movie is stupid, but I don't care, its Fun. And that is something all ye fanboys and fancy pants artsy types forget. This movie has more flaws then amateur animated porn,( No, I do not want to see Mrs Jetson get it on with Scobby -Doo* shudder*) But it is Fun. It doesn't take itself seriously it doesn't care what fanboys little tootsies it steps on, its FUN! I didn't grow up with this game but I have played it a few times, and though it IS one of the all time greatest games EVER, and this movies so ISN"T, it is still a lot of fun. So its cheesy as all hell, I don't care this movie has major grin factor. (Next post, Grin Factor and why it is important to me) If your a fanboy who could use a laugh and still relies not everyone cares as much as you do about the game, then its a Fun film. If the thought of anyone spoofing your precious street fighter fills you with a rage worth of my dad after a unwanted scalping/freezing shower, then avoid this movie, it just may give you a heart attack.So watch it this movie, its Fun!