Sunday, July 29, 2007

Second Helping Time Travel Paradox

Now most time travel paradoxes deal with free will and killing your parents and all that. Fun and often evocative stuff, but I have another that is just as weird.
You are the evil genus brother, your brother got a bowl of Ice cream for desert, but none for you (something about your latest attempt to take over the world with radioactive mole zombies)anyway you take your hand dandy time portal, and set it to 10 seconds after your brother got it ,but before he starts eating reach through, grab the bowl and take it to the future. Yummy, revenge is sweet. But your still hungry, so you go back to 5 seconds after your brother gets it. Yummy, twice as sweet. But where does the matter and energy come from. You just ate the same ice cream TWICE! huh?
BRain hURT, mE gO bYE-bYE.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Star Trek books, or "picard would never say THAT"

Now I like star trek, a lot. I am willing in broad daylight call myself a trekkie. Now I don't care as much as some fans about absolute continuity. None of that " in episode for 56 the dilithiom matrix was at 43.452 terracochrines and then in episode 79 was at 43.459, how do you explain this?!" burbage. Though I would give everything but my BRAIN for a working warp-drive, and trek-nobabble is fun, that not the best part of the show for me. Its the characters. And this so what grates my nerves in the books. You see every character has a 'voice' that can be picked up even if you are only reading the script, but the books more often then not get it so wrong. And the fact that occasionally they get it right show it is possible, so it can't be a complete lack of effort, can it? Oh I know its tough to do, In my own writing I have only once been able to get a voice for my character I was truly proud of, but I know its possible. And I don't truly expect a dozen authors to be able to convey the same thing all the time, but sometimes it can really turn a book off for me. Best example Picards use of slang in Genesis Wave book 2 ( and no I art not so anal as to say what page paragraph ect.)It just stopped the book in it track s, and sent my suspension of disbelief on a fast train to Dallas. Now I can see how the early books for each series would have trouble, some still been written as the series went on but STILL. geesh. FACE MY LITTLE TREKKIE WRATH!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Light too Bright to be Seen.

I had a thought recently, first one in a long while ;D
And it was, do photons bend space time? I decided to look it up but all the answers were so technical that my brain collapsed and I had to reboot, twice. When I resurfaced, my brain still wanted to think about the implications if they did. And I thought of one. If photons could bend space time, that means if you get enough of them together, space time would collapse inward around them until not even light could escape. of course anything that made that much light would collapse into a black hole anyway, but its still a weird thought. I'm going to lay down now.

I hate blogs

I hate blogs, well not hate, but what I DO hate is all that insane "woohoo, blogs are going to make it all like, user created and down with big media and its all free now" crapulent. blogs are important yes, but in all likelihood the only person who is going to read this is my cat, and I don't HAVE a cat. Yes blogs have a huge readership, but only the famous ones, like those done by celebrities and such. Sure there are quite a few that many read done by ordinary joes and thats great, but its not going to make the world some big commune style love-in,with media going down the tubes and WE the PEOPLE making it all. Well let me point out something very important. most stuff made by people with a cheap dv cam and posted on you tube is unmitigated CRAP. Though occasionally something surfaces that rises above the sludge, but most of it has more chance more chance of growing legs and leading a revolution among the squirrels and the taking over the world. I like watching shows that have somewhat more then a zero budget. so come and comment if this offends ye, a discourse is of course most heartening, but this is my position and I stand on it.