Saturday, December 8, 2007

Second Helping Time Paradox-Solved?

Some of you may remember the time travel paradox I talked about in one of my first posts. Well I have been beating my head against this problem and I think I might have a solution, but whoa Nelly, it's a doozy. Now it stands to reason that there is a smallest possible unit of time, otherwise how would they add up the"obvious" passage of time we live in? Now lets say we compare each 'moment' to a 2d cartoon frame. IN old school 2d animation, before Flash and tweening and all that jazz, each frame was technically a different character, each one an individual, full formed, and isolated. Without time. But if we display them at a rate of speed, we get the illusion of time, of a moving character. Now what if each moment, not a new universe forming, for that would still beg questions on the conservation of matter and energy, no, what if, these universes 'already' exist, one for each quantum moment, one for each possible quantum moment. That’s right, I am suggesting that for each possible moment a separate universe exists, full formed, but without 'time'. Of course this, like the traditional many worlds theory, begs the question, why do we experience this? Okay, I'll have to ask some scientist or someone about that one, or maybe God. But still ,this idea, which I have a good feeling someone has already thought of, answers the double serving of ice cream question, it says that the ice cream is a different ice cream, it comes from a different quantum moment, made of technically different atoms then the one from the more recent past. That’s why you can eat it twice, it comes from a different "frame".

Friday, December 7, 2007

Why is a Pepperpot in my Clue Deck?

This a weird thing to rant about and don't I know it, but you see, I have a conundrum. More like a what the...? actually.
My family owns a game of Clue, the famous board game from parker brothers. Now the good old boys of parker brothers seem to like to come out with a new 'edition' of this illustrious who done it. But MY families edition, came out around mid-late 90's the 'pistol' didn't look well..normal. I mean, lets go over the classic stereotypical most common pistol types.
Flintlock AKA Pirate Pistol, common to Treasure Island and movies based on theme park rides created by well known antisemites...(BREATH!) rip-offs.
Revolver or Cowboy Movie Pistol. The first effective repeating pistol, this gun, did some major ass woopin' on many an old western movie set. Also common among members of the Fictional City police.
Semi-automatic or Automatic pistol. Despite the movie love of calling those square chunks of metal 'automatic' there are few true automatic pistols on the market. It would be wasteful anyway, what's the freaking being able to shoot 900 rounds a minute if you run out in...well zip. Less then in fact.
Anyway there is another kind of pistol. Its called a 'pepperpot' pistol. Why? I don't know. All I know is its the goofiest name for a deadly weapon (is there any other kind?) I have ever heard of. It's also, most impotently, not in Earthlings Stereotypical Guide to Pistol Type Gunnery and Assorted Hardware. Its obscure, damn obscure. If I type Automatic pistol in the image search on Google (all hail the Google!) I get 122,000 hits, revolver pistol, 91,000 hits, flintlock 42,600. For the pepperpot pistol? And this is with the quotations off folks, 226. By Google standards that is nearly zip, nothing, nit, bupkis. And only about 5 of the pictures are OF pepperpot pistols.
We are talking serious obscurity levels. So why is it in the game? Was the Vice president of Clue Weapon Design at parkers brothers a collector or something? Its not just the card, the little metal piece is also a pepperpot. Now, this has got to be the worlds stupidest rant EVER, but it still puzzles me. If you have the answer, and you read this blog,(the chances are Astronomically low, I know) then please write and tell me.Put a comment on this peice, Please I beg you (actully, I beg for comments on any post) I would love to know why. please tell me, I can't get to sleep at night, it haunts me! please tell me, please! *sob!*

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The whole world wants to have sex with a cartoon.

Woe, woe the poor child who searches for his favourite cartoons with the sex blockers off. What can pop up could really scar a kid for life.
I mean you can find any cartoon you can name, any character, and somewhere on the information superhighway, there will be a picture of one having sex with another. It can chill you to the bone. The whole world seems to wants to have sex with a cartoon. And I don't just mean hentai, in fact hentai and anime aren't really my complaint. Hentai is designed to titillate, it is the authors intentions. But when some hack artist, decides to use his either mediocre, or sometimes brilliant art skills, and turn out a cel fuck-fest. I mean Babs and Buster of Tiny Toons going at it like well...rabbits, I am talking spongbob and patrick fucking like flounders, I am talking Mr.Jetson getting head from Mrs. Jetson. I am saying Disney porn and Simpsons Sex. If you want it, you'll find it. Trekkie Monster is right, the Internet IS for porn. Everything else, is just filler.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Calvin and Hobbes: Breakaway

I love Calvin and Hobbes, the humour and wit always astounded me. But unlike a lot of thoughtful comics, it was also riotously funny. It made you think whilst you laugh, and believe me, that takes work. Some genius decided to put the song breakaway to the comic, and somehow, it works, it gives Calvin a nobility he may not always deserve, but should get anyway. Heres to Calvin and Hobbes.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Language, gift of the gods.

I love languages, all languages. I love all the varied ways of saying the same thing, yet subtly different. I just love listening to people speak languages I don't understand, the voices twirling and contorting in ways that are universally beautiful. As long as one has a nice voice, PERIOD, any language is beautiful. I was at the local community centre just coming out after a play, and there was this family speaking this language. I had NO idea what it was, but it was enchanting. The tones just rolled over me. I had no idea where one word began and another ended, and really I didn't care too much. Foreign languages written down in Latin text tend to distort the feeling. German, spoken is a lovely language, written it looks like a last bout of the consumption. Japanese looks statico, but all words are lovely when spoken in love. I love foreign languages films not just for the subject matter, but for the language. I ALWAYS watch these movies in subtitles, even animation. Its just a wonderful experience, hearing emotions, which are nearly universal, reflected in the infinitely varied ways of speaking our thoughts. There are many myths about the birth of fire as a gift from the gods, but few about language. It is too bad, for it is most certainly divine.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Book Review: "The Cat Who Saw Stars" by Lilian Jackson Braun (2000)

I admit I am not the biggest mystery reader, but I do like them. They are something to savor, the tantalizing clues,the plot twists, the cunning resolution at the end. But alas, this book is dumber then me the day after Mardi Gras. Its a royal hangover of a book. I can't even in good faith recommend it to the fans of this series. Now admittedly I have only elsewhere encountered this series in the Readers Digest condensed novels. And if I remember rightly on the whole they were enjoyable. Unfortunately, half way through I had this feeling that it wasn't a mystery at all, at least not one you could read. I guess after writing 22 books, Lilian Jackson Braun went crazy and they had to put her down.
Basicly there is murder and we never know who did that one. There is another murder, and we find out in a turgid infodump near the end who it was, plus a bunch of weirdness that basicly feels stupid. I like to keep in an open mind about things, but this was stupid.
I won't spoil it for you, but when and if you are foolish enough to pick up this book, you will know what I mean. If you do still want to read it, go to the library, and by Jove don't turn it in even a day late. Otherwise its a huge waste of money. Of course its also a waste of your time. but, its your life, If you want to feel your brain been pulled out of your nose by a crotchet hook, that's your business. But if I stop even one reader from picking of this prison gang bang of a book from reaching even one reader, stopping it from turning one reader off the written word forever, then I can rest happy.
1/2 star out 100
Pro: The spelling was better then mine.
Cons: Everything else

Hating My WP But Not Hating Woman

This is to explain to anyone who had trouble with the last post, for one thing my word processor does recognize the word "antisemitism" as a word. I should have just looked it up on google, but alas, I felt assured it would recognize this vile word. You see, I am not so goods at the spellings, (and not so good at the grammar either) As a favor to you, my loyal fans. I write this on a word processor program, a free one by the name of "Jarte". Now as far as a free program goes, this is really good. But alas it still has its failings. That's why if you stumbled across this page and wondered what "anti-scientism" was. Now I have been doing some research and it turns out this "scum Manifesto" has been used as an excuse for some rather nasty (understatement your name is Earthling) Antifeminist diatribes as en "example" of the "evil" of feminism. ( Man, my quote fingers are getting sore, two of which are my typing fingers, OH NO!)
Now I was born in 1986. The main thrust of the feminist revolution was over. So I grew up considering thinking misogyny was a great evil. This is the world I grew up in. If I have offended any feminists with my words, then I am sorry, but it was my gut reaction, and I stand on it, (My gut that is, seriously I was nearly blowing chunks after reading the Manifesto) I do think people who hold positions close to what she had to say are wrong. But I still hope we can talk like grownups. Because, I still somehow, cherish in my heart the hope that I can talk to anyone about anything, and not get angry be objective and all that. This woman, dead in her grave, is someone you can't talk to. But I hope I can with others.